This is a tailored form of travel that is usually a high end and luxury travel solution offered by specialized tour and travel services. Usually, a selected section of people, who are willing to splurge on their travel costs, wish to have an exclusive travel experience. Hence, they get in touch with tour operators or services who can tailor a travel experience depending on the preferences of the customers. Every aspect of such a journey is planned in a meticulous manner which covers a unique aspect of a region as per the desires of the travelers.


The pleasures or uniqueness of bespoke travel come up when one is looking for a more unique and localized experience of a popular travel destination. For instance, cities like Paris and London are popular international destinations to travel to. However, these cities have different facets that one could plan to discover. For instance, while touring the famous landmark and historic places is a common agenda of most tours and travel services, one might wish to explore the different cuisine served in the different restaurants or cafes in the city. One might want to explore the nightclub scene in these cities and so forth. Hence, in such travel experiences, travelers wish to have a customized travel experience, focused only on a certain segment or aspects of an area that they wish to explore or focus upon.

Travelers who wish to opt for bespoke travel usually want a culturally more intensive trip that offers a more localized experience. Often people plan the trip themselves, but it might be difficult without local expertise. For such reasons, it is best that one leaves it to a local travel expert. When it comes to a customized travel experience, it is best that one provides all details of the kind of trip itinerary they have in mind, the kind of accommodation they want and so forth. In turn, the travel agent will make the necessary arrangements and draw up the itinerary for the trip. Once the itinerary is shared with the travelers, the costs are discussed that would pertain to the travel, accommodation, sightseeing and other expenses that would be incurred. The many who opt for bespoke travel often want an extended stay and need necessary arrangements or permissions to visit certain restricted or heritage areas booked from before by the travel agent. This ensures them a well organized and hassle free travel experience.