There are several lessons to be gained from those who have traveled the world. Many have even spent years traveling and living off a backpack without having a permanent address or home. Many do not plan their nomadic lives and are sure that they will be living just like others who own a home, are married, have children and have to worry about retirement funds. Some, however, find their true passion and life’s purpose in traveling. Indeed, the consistency of change is what they feel enriched and colors their life.


For those who wish to know how one can be on the road all the time, here are some tips that many experienced travelers have to give. As basic travel infrastructure is standard and safe around the world, it does not need too much planning to travel around the world. All one needs to plan is their next trip or destination and everything simply rolls from there. Traveling is an easy job and once you have your basic amenities and resources planned out; you can sit back and enjoy the experience.

Those who travel around the world also picks up several skills or hone abilities such as being social, adapting to different situations and being more flexible. They are also good at nonverbal communication or in understanding the body language of fellow travelers and others who are native to a region. As traveling leads to encountering different situations, one has to learn to be independent, open, and that in turn makes a person a better and fuller personality as well. Often travel throws up certain physical challenges and other emotional ones as well. When one encounters them and goes through the same, one is surprised as to what they have been able to achieve. Hence, in such ways, one is able to push their limits.

Another aspect that is a unique learning experience is how one can open up to strangers. When you are not closed in and are vulnerable to others in a strange land, you realize that it is easy to open up and to find an unspoken camaraderie that is spontaneous between people on the road or simply out there in public places. One does not need to impose or be familiar, but a friendly greeting or a smile is all it takes to know that you are welcome anywhere you are, as we are all travelers on this road of life.